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Who is Jay Modi?

Born in London, United Kingdom, Jay Modi moved to Canada in 1997. He attended Western Canada High School in Calgary, Alberta, and subsequently went onto the University of Calgary. Jay started his first business, a household goods trading company while he was in high school and went on to creating an Organic Pasta Company while attending the University of Calgary. Jay then launched a real estate “fix and flip” company which subsequently took off and was very successful. Jay made the decision to focus on that business, and not to complete his degree, which he sites as one of the best decisions he ever made. That decision blazed a path forward and led to Jay now having more than 20 years of business experience under his belt within multiple business sectors. Jay has been involved in Foods Manufacturing, Asset Management, Movie Production, Real Estate and now focuses heavily on the FinTech and Technology Industries.

News & Media

Is Social Media Enough to Promote Your Business? Jay Modi Discusses Marketing Methods

There is no doubt that social media is a powerful tool for promoting your business. It’s probably the most powerful tool available today. But is social media enough to promote your business? The answer is no.

Jay Modi On How AI Has Been Helping Fintech Companies

As fintech companies continue to grow in popularity, many are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) for help. AI can do various tasks for fintech companies, from automating customer service to detecting financial fraud.

Jay Modi Explains The Different Types Of Entrepreneurs And Their Traits

here are many different types of entrepreneurs out there. Some are driven by the desire to be their own boss, while others are motivated by solving a problem or filling a need in the marketplace.

What Is The Appeal Of Buy-Now-Pay Later? Jay Modi Discusses How It Works

When it comes to spending money, everyone likes to have a little bit of flexibility. That’s why buy-now-pay-later plans have become so popular in recent years.

Jay Modi on Important Skills Every Successful Entrepreneur Possesses

There is no one answer to this question. Being a successful entrepreneur takes many different skill sets. Some people may be great at coming up with new ideas, while others may be great at executing those ideas.

Jay Modi Explains How Robotics Are Helping Business Operations & Customer Service

Robotics are increasingly becoming a staple in business operations and customer service. They can automate tasks, speed up processes, and improve accuracy.

Jay Modi Discusses Turning Your Idea Into A Business

Do you have an idea for a business? Are you unsure of how to turn that idea into a reality? You’re not alone. Many people have great ideas but don’t know where to start.

Jay Modi Launches His New Website

Jay Modi has launched his new website. The website is a resource for entrepreneurs and small business owners to learn from Jay's experience as an entrepreneur and online marketer.

How Artificial Intelligence Plays Into The World Of Business

Artificial intelligence is changing the way businesses operate all over the world. It is making it possible for companies to automate tasks that used to require human interaction.

An Exclusive and in depth interview with Jay Modi FinTech Professional

Jay Modi is an entrepreneur with over twenty years of professional business and entrepreneurial experience. Born in London, United Kingdom, Jay moved to Canada in 1997.

Founder of Alberta’s Fastest Growing Company Is Featured In an Exclusive Online Interview

Thriving entrepreneur and business professional, Jay Modi, is pleased to announce that he has recently been featured in an exclusive online interview.

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It's no secret that more and more people are doing their banking online. A recent study showed that as many as 60% of people now prefer to do their banking online.

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As businesses search for new and innovative ways to increase revenue, cross-border eCommerce is becoming an increasingly popular option.

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In this blog post, Jay Modi from Calgary, Alberta, will discuss five different marketing tools that can help elevate your business.

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Starting your own business is a huge decision. It’s important to ask yourself many questions before you take the plunge.